Federal Way (WA) City Hall

The lobby of the City Hall is activated by this installation which can be viewed as one enters the lobby and from different levels of the lobby stairs and the upper level where most of the city business is conducted. 3 cast bronze stumps, two from native trees and one from a non-native species are located on top of the vestibule that serves as a bronze "plinth". The stumps evoke the city’s logging history but are topped with glass, looking to the future. Emerging from the stumps is a series of rods and wires which form an arbor over the entry area and converge to a white onyx funnel held by a 4th bronze stump. The luminous stone funnel symbolizes the city, gently capturing and holding the history, energy, vitality of the citizens symbolized by the arbor.

Cast & fabricated bronze, glass, onyx, stainless wire, aluminum rods.

$175,000 City of Federal Way/4 Culture