Hach Chemistry Building, Iowa State University, Ames IA

A multi-part work centered around the entrance and lobby of a chemistry lab and classroom building incorporates chemical elements and patterns. The major focus is backlit aluminum panels using patterns in chemistry that transform from Penrose patterns occurring on microscopic surfaces, to molecular and other chemical structures. These panels clad the interior and exterior of the vestibule, moving from the exterior to the interior lobby to create an entrance experience, enhance the sculptural quality of the lobby entry area, and forge an identity for the building. The pattern continues onto the glass of pivot doors separating 2 areas of the lobby. The focus for the interior of the lobby is a sculptural installation using chemistry laboratory glass for chemically derived images as well as other whimsical sculptural forms.

Aluminum, plexiglass, LED lights, glass, carbon fiber, copper, zinc, gold leaf, lead, and other materials

Commissioned by the Iowa State University Art in State Buildings Program