Miami International Airport, South Terminal International Baggage Claim, Miami, FL

The connection between plant structure and architecture is expressed through 5 large windows and the terrazzo floor in front of them. The windows use conventional storefront/curtainwall systems to create images of 5 different palm trees, each about 24 feet tall by varying widths. Detailed images of the palms created through sandblasting and hand applied glass enamel colors create the "illuminated shadow" of the large abstractions. The terrazzo floor is also a shadow/ghost, created in "colors" made out of black epoxy and a variety of stone and glass aggregates.

5 separate areas: 24 ft high by varying widths

Laminated glass with special pigment film interlayer; hand-painted, silkscreened, sandblasted glass enamel on tempered glass; aluminum; terrazzo;

Commissioned by Miami-Dade Art in Public Places