Of a Leaf or a Feather


San Ysidro Land Port of Entry, San Ysidro , CA

The artwork for the Southbound Pedestrian Pathway at the busiest border crossing in the world takes advantage of its location vis a vis the sun and provides pedestrian interest and comfort on the walk towards Mexico. Its conceptual roots in nature as well as American symbols, allude to agave leaves or eagle feathers, but is open-ended in interpretation. Stainless mesh and stainless tube/rod provide a constantly changing series of shapes and shadows playing with the views through as well as the shadows they create. The materials catch the sun to create a shimmering presence, cast shadows with the changing angle of the sun and allow a bit of shade for the pedestrians as they pass through on especially hot afternoons. Even at night, with the high levels of artificial light on the pathway, shadows play along the pathway and the materials catch the light to create a magical moment along the journey.

19' x 88' x 31'

stainless steel mesh, tube & rod

General Services Administration