Quiet and Soaring


Student Union Mediation Room, University of NorthTexas, Denton

The glass front of the Meditation Room in the Student Union is composed of abstracted eagle wing and tail feathers. The eagle is the mascot of the school, but the wings and tail evoke the ability to allow soaring in thought and emotion beyond the specific reference. The image is viewable from inside as well as outside and creates a more private, quiet space within away from the activities in the Student Union outside.The subtle translucency of the work allows students a special space for privacy, reflection and inspiration. The image is inspired by a variety of sources including ideas of connection, nest, enclosure, safety, changeability of light and air, spirt and contemplation as well as UNT symbols. The ambiguity, layering and subtlety allow individual interpretation and thoughts.

9'6" x 26'

Digitally printed film interlayer in laminated glass

University of North Texas Public Art Program