Atlantic /Central Base Employee Services Building, Seattle, WA

The joining of functions and resources for two bus bases in central Seattle inspired the artwork which included a 7500 sq. ft. terrazzo floor on the interior and sculptural artwork on the exterior green screen landscape element. The bases' "equal but different" aspects were expressed through the floor by color (one blue and silver, the other green and brass) and through a central intertwining labyrinth motif. Colored aggregate moved from each of three entrances to the base in a gradation toward the interior and special details and inlays were added to further create interest and special moments. On the exterior, LED lights in 2 colors and circular elements jut out from the plantings to further illuminate the work of the buses and their drivers.

7500 Sq. Ft. Terrazzo, Green Screen elements: 120 pieces 2" diameter X 18" & 24" long, over an area 60' wide x 15' tall.

Terrazzo with various materials inlaid, zinc, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, LED solar-powered lights.

Commissioned by 4Culture for King County Metro Transit