Rural and University Avenue Light Rail Station (at ASU), Tempe AZ

This collaborative work with Bill Will of Portland, OR, for the light rail station at Arizona State University, includes elements that explore various aspects of inquiry, learning, curiosity and wonder. The first is a 6' diameter sphere of layers of diverse stone and other materials. The layers slide a bit from a "perfect" sphere, indicating that inquiry may not always fall into predictable lines, and that information is built by layers and various reference points from a variety of sources. The 3 steel cabinets each address different aspects of questioning and seeing. Each is a series of objects that create open-ended narratives, relationships to each other or change how we perceive the environment around us. 2 "shelves" are collections of objects that relate to different aspects of university departments, study, collections and life.

6 ft diameter sphere
"Cabinets": 6ft. high x 19" x 19"
"Shelves": 10' wide x 9" deep x 10" high (approx.)

Stone, cast

Commissioned by Valley Metro Rail