The University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory, Iowa City, Iowa

Two ribbons on 2 layers of glass allude to helices, connections, micro/macro while illuminating the work of the Hygienic Lab and merging the inside of the lab with the outside. Circular details are metaphoric "petri" dishes that refer to various elements of the research at the lab, including water and air quality, environmental issues, mold, bacteria, viruses, pond scum, asbestos, for example, from the microscopic view to views visible easily to the human eye. Perceiving, exploring, juxtaposing and scrutiny are integral to the artwork, just as these processes are integral to research, experimentation and discovery in science.

12' x 30' x 24"

handpainted, silkscreened, sandblasted glass with antique glass details.

Commissioned by The University of Iowa Art in State Buildings Program