Port of Seattle Police Headquarters, SeaTac Airport, Seattle, WA

The terrazzo floor, an etched steel column cover and a hanging ceiling work comprise this artwork for this small lobby area. Composed of elements from the police and their special work for the Port of Seattle, the elements also reflect a playfulness to respond to children's interests, as they comprise a portion of the waiting public. The dark blue terrazzo floor, implying the sea or the sky, incorporates elements of the police badge inspiring the central element. Floating within the blue field are images of origami boats, paper airplanes, and other elements evocative of the business of the Port of Seattle, which includes the airport, the harbor marinas and rail yards that serve them. The ceiling element catches the light from the clerestory windows high in the lobby wall and also involves elements reflective of the police and port. The column connects the two, and includes instructions for the paper airplanes and origami that are shown in the floor.

Terrazzo and specialty aggregates and inlays

Commissioned by the Port of Seattle