Portland, OR

The Westside Light Rail project opened in September 1998 and was a highly collaborative project between a team of 5 artists, architects, engineers, agency and community. As a member of the artist team, I worked on 11 of the stations, with varying degrees of intensity or involvement depending upon the station. The art was primarily funded through the construction funds and incorporated within the construction documents.
Washington Park Station, Portland OR
The only "tunnel" station in the Portland system, this is directly under the Zoo, Arboretum and Forestry Center. These active organizations whose patrons use the transit system, their identity influenced the concept of the station. An above grade presence as well as a below-grade platform are both part of the station, each with its own personality and art work.

The "Kiss" is a 20-foot diameter stone focal point sculpture for this upper area for the light rail tunnel station. This station connects the Zoo and the Forestry Center as well as transit riders and is part of the entire station area that expresses the process of boring the tunnel belowóby explosion and by the "kiss" of the tunnel boring machine. Cut out of the circle is a pie-shaped piece that reveals various factoids about the station area and the tunnel.